Know more about me

I was Born on 15th March 2006 at 3.50 pm in Delhi... It was  Holi ( Festival of Colors ) on that day. My mom says I was very tiny Baby weighting just 2.3 kg.


My mom named me Aarav means peaceful.... as my mom's labour was very gentle and my birth was peaceful (thanks to Divya, her duala).

I am Piscean and hence have all qualities of them like : Bashful, mystical, creative, inventive, mindful, romantic, gentle and kind.

My family

I am blessed with big family both maternal and paternal to start with.  In Delhi  I live with my parents and little sister Garvishaa.

My paternal and maternal both grand parents lives in Indore. Lot of Maasi, Mama, Nana and Nani to love and adore me.  Rakhi Maasi  and Juhi Maasi pamper me  the most... Rakhi Maasi makes  designer  Kurta Pyjamas for me  every year.

Nani  makes really yummy Shrikhan and Gulabjamun for me... Nanu sends me Colourfull Lollipops which I keep eating daily till they finish off. He never forget to bring nice clothes for me when ever he goes for any foreign trip...

My Bhua fulfils my every wish and spoils me lot.  Dadu and Dadi wants to talk to me daily on Phone. I am always excited to go to Indore and meet  all of them  during Diwali vacations or my summer break.

My School

SCHOLL IS FUN ! I  study in class 3 D. I have lot of friends like Arnav, Astitv Maahir and many others.. My teacher says I m most obedient boy in the class and never do any mischief.. In fact she says  I m very LOVABLE.

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